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nijaVoiceToText is a audio file (Voice) to text converter using Google Cloud Speech API. It takes WAV,RAW, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG and MP3 audio files as input and produces a Text file as output. About 110 input languages are supported which means you can convert an arabic or Hindi or urdu speech file into Text form For more details Please see

Automatic Skew correction

is a new techniques to reduce the time for set up the sofware with a given scanner. The sotware now reduces your time by doing the previously manual process automatically. No more touble shooting for the registration corners!

Report Builder

Now installed along with nijaOMR or nijaOMRCom. No separate download required.

 ♦  Generates Useful reports on the Tests without Excel or other software
 ♦  Find out the top rankers
 ♦  Find out How good the test is and lots of other information such as Point Biserial, Reliability Coefficent and other statistics
 ♦  Free add on for all our products
 ♦  Click Here for more details

Current offerings include nijaOMR and quiz/assessment scripts.

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